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Mobile advertising got more (less?) competitive

Google just nabbed AdMob for a handy $750M. Congrats to AdMob founder Omar Hamoui who got into the space early and executed very aggressively. More details on the acqusition here. The background story here is of the explosion in mobile … Continue reading

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Hats off to Arrington

Well, it seems that the Mike Arrington’s pointed critique of social marketing practices is getting even the very large players to move quickly. Today, we’re adding a fifth principle that clarifies a specific use case that we feel is particularly … Continue reading

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Non-competes and innovation

Much has been written about non-competes in MA and whether our tech sector is at a disadvantage compared to CA. The debate is moving slightly forward (and to the side, unfortunately) with recent comments from the state, which Xconomy covers. … Continue reading

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June Activities for Geeks

It’s New England Innovation Month. Lots of activities. I’ll be at the MTLC unConference this Friday and at the MITX Awards for sure. See you there.

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Nantucket Conference Nearly Sold Out

The Nantucket Conference has always offered great conversations with top-notch people. This year’s agenda and attendees are not exception. Several topics are very relevant to the current environment. Bob Metcalfe will be giving his favorite talk on selling and I … Continue reading

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Taxing the Net

In the latest in a series of moves to figure out how to make money off of Net commerce, China levies a 20% tax on virtual goods. Governments, even if they are racking up huge reserves as China is, but … Continue reading

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Starting Up Plinky

Om Malik broke the news today about Plinky. Plinky is the brainchild of founder/CEO Jason Shellen, a former Googler who worked on Blogger and shipped Google Reader. Jason and I partnered up last fall and just raised our seed round from my … Continue reading

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Amazon Funds AWS Darling Animoto

My friend Stevie Clifton, CTO at Animoto, pinged me early this morning with the news that Amazon has funded his company. This comes on the heels of Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos using Animoto as a great example of how to leverage … Continue reading

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Adobe Engage 2008 To Launch Flex 3.0 and AIR

Tomorrow, at the invitation-only Engage 2008 event in SF Adobe will launch AIR and Flex 3.0. If you want to get a sense of what will be shown, here are the slides from the January pre-release tour. The event has … Continue reading

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MySpace + Google >= Facebook?

The much expected, joked about and pre-announced MySpace developer platform is finally here. Well, not quite: As Aber mentioned, we’re currently in a sandbox phase. Here are the important points to understand about this phase: Your application profiles are private … Continue reading

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