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Mobile Marketing Frontiers

I am thrilled about the speaker line-up for the FutureM Mobile Marketing Frontiers event Shopximity has organized. It’s tomorrow, Wed 9/14/2011, 8am – noon at Microsoft’s NERD center (One Memorial Drive in Cambridge). For more info, check out the event … Continue reading

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The three rules of awesome mobile hackers

One of the reasons why I’ve been mostly absent from this blog is that, together with a couple of very interesting people, I started a new company and we’ve been busy closing our Series A and getting things off the … Continue reading

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iPhone economics, startup economics, angel investing economics

Tomi Ahonen has collected a lot of good data about the iPhone app ecosystem and applies solid analysis to reach the conclusion that, from an economic standpoint, on average, it is a waste of developers’ time to build iPhone apps. … Continue reading

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Mobile advertising got more (less?) competitive

Google just nabbed AdMob for a handy $750M. Congrats to AdMob founder Omar Hamoui who got into the space early and executed very aggressively. More details on the acqusition here. The background story here is of the explosion in mobile … Continue reading

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Don’t Ignore The Least Common Denominator

Good post by Fred Wilson on the ubiquity and ease-of-use of SMS messaging: Don’t Ignore The Least Common Denominator. Two points worth adding: SMS is completely portable across the world, which is particularly important in developing countries where the majority … Continue reading

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Even Opt-In is Not Safe

mocoNews continues the coverage of the FTC complaint by consumer privacy groups against the mobile industry. But where consumer groups see a threat to privacy, companies see a user experience they claim can be managed by giving the consumer the … Continue reading

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Let’s Be Smarter About Privacy

I don’t know what it would take for history not to repeat itself. The story goes something like this… Company X figures out a cool new way to collect and analyze lots of data for the purposes of better ad … Continue reading

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Flash vs. AJAX is The Wrong Question

Following my post on the Flex 3 and AIR launch, a number of you have pinged me privately about the Flash vs. AJAX question. It goes something like this: “I know you are going to write that you prefer Flash/Flex because … Continue reading

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Walt Mossberg and Verizon’s Move to Open Its Network

I’m listening to Walt Mossberg speak at the Dow Jones Consumer Innovations conference. He began by pointing out that Verizon didn’t give him any credit when they announced the opening of the Verizon network. This is a huge deal, by … Continue reading

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Can Walt Mossberg Change The World?

I sure hope so. Well timed for CTIA is his Free My Phone blog post on the mobile space. Walt wishes for an opening of the US mobile industry. That’s why I refer to the big cellphone carriers as the … Continue reading

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