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Om Malik broke the news today about Plinky. Plinky is the brainchild of founder/CEO Jason Shellen, a former Googler who worked on Blogger and shipped Google Reader. Jason and I partnered up last fall and just raised our seed round from my partners at Polaris Venture Partners. I’m co-founder and interim CTO. We have a small, sharp team of Web developers who are busy building cool things. We can’t tell you more at this point–you know how it goes–but you can sign up at to keep in touch. Thanks go to the dozens of people who provided great feedback along the way. We listened. You’ll like what you’ll see. 

In my six years at Polaris, Plinky is the fourth company that I have helped launch and the second company I have co-founded. Last fall I decided to switch my focus fully to helping entrepreneurs launch companies. Many of the entrepreneurs I’ve talked to are looking for help. There are not that many people in the venture business who both know how to do this and have the bandwidth to do it well. Think of me as a serial co-founder who helps shape the idea, raise capital, build the team and execute. I have founding equity in the companies, which aligns my interests with the entrepreneurs’. In order to have time to partner and engage deeply with my co-founders, I have stopped doing traditional investments and taking board seats, although I remain a partner at Polaris and 100% dedicated to building companies that Polaris invests in. My partner VCMike did the Plinky investment and will be on the board.


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  6. john awoyomi says:

    Hi there Guys I stumbled upon your page on the net and thought I’d drop a message. At the moment I’ve got a great and uni idea for a microblogging site that will no doubt proof to be a success as no one else is working on the concept at the moment and it’s something that’ll grap everyone’s attention. What I’ll like to know from you guys is if you know of a way of creating a microblogging site with more than one status bar and the “thumps up or down” sign next to a status just like what you get on facebook. But the main thing is if you can create one with at least 5 status bars to fill in on the site. If this is possible please get back to me as soon as possible and we’ll talk. My e-mail address is

  7. Merci beaucoup 😉

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