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Wikipedia lessons

A comment on my recent post about social commerce pointed to the Wikipedia article on social commerce, which was started in September of 2007, according to the history. Which is funny because I started the first Wikipedia page on social … Continue reading

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The pressure of money

In some markets, the presence of even a few players willing to do shady business can have a profound effect on the ecosystem. Advertising, particularly the hard ROI kind, is one of these markets. Here’s what ad networks struggle with—to … Continue reading

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Do social networks care about your privacy?

Following my post yesterday on Twitter having to think carefully about privacy, a friend pointed me to a study that shows how social networks leak deep personal information, allowing third parties to combine what you do with who you are. … Continue reading

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Get in on Brizzly

Now is the time to get in on the new thing from Thing Labs (makers of Plinky). It’s called Brizzly and it’s a new, cool and very simple way to experience the social Web. See a screenshot + demo.

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A look inside Twitter

Interesting report by folks that mined the Twitter stream. The section on publishing tools is particularly interesting. Less than half of all tweets are made through Twitter’s web interface and I bet this includes some posts made through the API. … Continue reading

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The beauty of asymmetric relationships

Thoughful post on the difference between symmetric (Facebook) vs. asymmetric (Twitter) relationships, courtesy of Wes @ Plinky. Advantage to Twitter for enabling attention inequality (receiving more attention than you give). Bottom line for me is that edges in the social … Continue reading

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Measuring Conversational Media

Many panels at the conferences I go to end up being drab affairs with softball questions, way too much agreement and way too little insight. Which why I was pleasantly surprised by the Measuring Conversational Media panel at the conversational … Continue reading

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Starting Up Plinky

Om Malik broke the news today about Plinky. Plinky is the brainchild of founder/CEO Jason Shellen, a former Googler who worked on Blogger and shipped Google Reader. Jason and I partnered up last fall and just raised our seed round from my … Continue reading

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Amazon Funds AWS Darling Animoto

My friend Stevie Clifton, CTO at Animoto, pinged me early this morning with the news that Amazon has funded his company. This comes on the heels of Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos using Animoto as a great example of how to leverage … Continue reading

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Viral Dictionary

I met the folks at Pandemic Labs a few weeks ago at a MITX event. Great small team–a technology-leveraged agency specializing in viral and social marketing. Their new site launched over the weekend and the viral dictionary caught my attention–I … Continue reading

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