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The rising power of the Google platform

If anyone ever doubted that Google is a platform company, check out the “Google SDK.” I’m putting this in quotes because what you find there is really an aggregation of a bunch of separate projects than a well-thought-out integrated SDK–that … Continue reading

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The next reincarnation of cloud computing

Over Memorial Day weekend I wanted to play with CrunchBase data. I wrote a quick bash script that pulled data from CrunchBase and put it in MongoDB, one of the new databases from the NoSQL movement. In the process, I … Continue reading

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Forced Upgrades

Rolling out a product upgrade used to be a big deal. Decades ago it was about replacing boards and ICs. Twenty years ago it was about shipping stacks of floppies and hoping they survive the UPS trip. A decade ago … Continue reading

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Amazon Web Services Outage: Causes And Remedies

If been a big fan of Amazon Web Services (AWS) because they lower the costs of startup experimentation. I’ve sponsored their events, judged their startup competition, etc. I have friends on the team. I’ve also had frank conversations with them … Continue reading

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Bringing Security to the Masses

Xconomy did a good write up on Veracode. Matt’s point below is spot on: the only way to address the application security problem is (a) through technology as opposed to people and (b) through easy-to-adopt SaaS solutions as opposed to … Continue reading

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Amazon Web Services Startup Challenge

I’m heading to Seattle tomorrow for the AWS Startup Challenge finals. Many entered the competition with the hope of winning fame & glory, $50K in cash, $50K in AWS credit and an investment offer from Amazon (the details of which … Continue reading

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Shifting The Cost/Benefit Conversation

Had a great dinner last night in the Valley with a group of founder/CEOs. At one point in the evening the conversation shifted to a topic that’s near and dear to my heart as I continually find myself challenging entrepreneurs … Continue reading

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Google Addressing the "Facebook issue"

I’ve been slammed with two financings but this news merits taking time on a Sunday night to blog… Ever since word got out that Brad Fitzpatrick (previously chief architect at Six Apart) had joined Google people had a pretty clear idea what Brad’s … Continue reading

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Emerging Ecosystems & Platforms

I’m at David Kirkpatrick’s iMeme conference in SF. It’s likely going to be a treat. The speakers and the attendees are of great caliber. As an ex-platform guy who’s recently spent a lot of time thinking about social infrastructure, I’m … Continue reading

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Google Gears Powers Web-to-Desktop Convergence

Google Gears will bring offline processing to AJAX applications, which promises to be a step towards closing the last big delta between traditional desktop and Web 2.0 applications. Web-to-desktop convergence is a very interesting topic and one that is bound to … Continue reading

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