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Shopping vs. Buying

It’s Valentine’s Day and blogging about e-commerce just feels right… Keep your fingers crossed for ice.com, one of our recent e-commerce investments. It’s a big week for their business. I had a good discussion today with a friend of mine … Continue reading

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Balancing Choice

I’m on a plane to SF (for a third week in a row) re-reading parts of John Maeda‘s The Laws of Simplicity. It’s the kind of book you get more out of the second time around. One of the observations is … Continue reading

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Social Commerce Goes Mainstream: an Industry Insider’s Take on the Kaboodle Acquisition

Social commerce is one of the three pillars of E-Commerce 2.0: Richer user experiences (e-commerce becomes engaging) Accelerating disaggregation (e-commerce happens everywhere) Social commerce (e-commerce leverages emotional/social forces) It has also been the one people have been most skeptical about… … Continue reading

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The Art of Viral Distribution is Becoming a Science

Viral marketing and viral distribution are sometimes confused. Viral marketing is about the messaging/positioning first and foremost; the call to action is in second place. Viral distribution is about the packaging of discovering, learning about / evaluating and, hopefully, using … Continue reading

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Widgets, Widgets, Everywhere

Widgets are the new cool. Everyone agrees they are a big phenomenon that’s here to stay. No, widgets are not new. They’ve been around for a very long time in multiple technology implementations. Some prior examples are in Brad Feld’s … Continue reading

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Making Money From the Paradox of Choice

In parallel to 3GSM, Ogilvy runs a telco conference in the beautiful Dolce Sitges Hotel, about 35km from Barcelona where the main even is. Sitges is a vacation town for the Barcelonians, a quiet place fit for a more exclusive … Continue reading

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More on E-Commerce 2.0

 From Jeremy Liew’s 2007 predictions. Ecommerce 2.0 arrives. Google’s search revenues continue to grow at 70-80% growth rates. Yet the public ecommerce companies‘ revenues are growing at “only” 25-30% at best. But almost every Google click is going to an … Continue reading

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Social Commerce

I finally did it. Earlier in the week I noticed that Wikipedia didn’t have a page for social commerce, so I tried to create one. 30+mins into it, IE 7.0.5730.11 crashed (too many tabs open) and I lost my work. … Continue reading

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Mobile Payments One Step Closer

ZDNet reports on a collaboration that should bring mobile payments closer to reality.  Sony and former Philips chip unit NXP Semiconductors have announced they will create a joint venture to create a secure chip that enables short-range wireless interaction between handhelds, PCs … Continue reading

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eBayMatchUps: Meg Whitman vs. Fruit Helmet Cat

Smart people inside eBay have been looking at ways to drive more traffic to the site and figure out what’s on the minds of people in their community. One of the cool ideas must have been to do eBayMatchUps. Apparently, … Continue reading

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