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Cloud Computing: You May Need It If You Go Viral On Facebook

I organized a panel on cloud computing at the Nantucket Conference last weekend. One of the panelists was Stevie Clifton, founder/CTO of Animoto. He shared a story about Animoto’s experience with Amazon Web Services’ Elastic Compute Cloud and going viral on Facebook … Continue reading

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Getting Social Platforms Right

Since I’m a platform guy by background, I’ve been very interested in how social infrastructure, i.e., social platforms such as Facebook’s F8, Bebo’s clone, Google’s OpenSocial and MySpace’s recently launched developer platform, is going to evolve. Some recent good reading on … Continue reading

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OpenSocial: The Lowest Common Denominator?

Google’s OpenSocial is becoming the lowest common denominator for application integration in the social media space. That’s actually not that great for Google as it is rarely the case that the most successful applications run on the lowest common denominator … Continue reading

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Facebook SocialAds Market Size

An entrepreneur and I were talking about startup opportunities in the social advertising space. We ended up wondering about market size, which is an impossible question to answer on Net scale so instead we talked about Facebook’s SocialAds network. We … Continue reading

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MySpace vs. Facebook : Apple vs. Orange

Although some love to throw MySpace and Facebook in the same bucket, the two companies continue to evolve in different directions to the point where it is probably better to talk about meta-competition than direct rivalry. The latest example is how they … Continue reading

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Google Addressing the "Facebook issue"

I’ve been slammed with two financings but this news merits taking time on a Sunday night to blog… Ever since word got out that Brad Fitzpatrick (previously chief architect at Six Apart) had joined Google people had a pretty clear idea what Brad’s … Continue reading

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Making Money on MySpace

It’s always been possible to make money on MySpace if you didn’t pay much attention to the terms of service. The site has never consistently enforced its ban on commerce. That’s partly due to technical reasons–from a content filtering standpoint, … Continue reading

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Facebook’s Secret Plan

I’ve figured out Facebook’s secret plan and I love it. Everyone gets everything for nothing. The everyone is truly everyone since Facebook is no longer about highschool and college kids. Most of the friend invites I get these days are … Continue reading

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The Law of Social Networks and Virtual Worlds

I am very interested in the emerging social infrastructure (Facebook, Ning, …) and virtual world (Second Life, …) platforms because I expect to see more and more startups leveraging these not just for viral distribution but at the core of their businesses. … Continue reading

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Emerging Ecosystems & Platforms

I’m at David Kirkpatrick’s iMeme conference in SF. It’s likely going to be a treat. The speakers and the attendees are of great caliber. As an ex-platform guy who’s recently spent a lot of time thinking about social infrastructure, I’m … Continue reading

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