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OpenSocial: The Lowest Common Denominator?

Google’s OpenSocial is becoming the lowest common denominator for application integration in the social media space. That’s actually not that great for Google as it is rarely the case that the most successful applications run on the lowest common denominator … Continue reading

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Walt Mossberg and Verizon’s Move to Open Its Network

I’m listening to Walt Mossberg speak at the Dow Jones Consumer Innovations conference. He began by pointing out that Verizon didn’t give him any credit when they announced the opening of the Verizon network. This is a huge deal, by … Continue reading

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MySpace vs. Facebook : Apple vs. Orange

Although some love to throw MySpace and Facebook in the same bucket, the two companies continue to evolve in different directions to the point where it is probably better to talk about meta-competition than direct rivalry. The latest example is how they … Continue reading

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Steve Jobs: Apple iPhone Opens Up

Here is another great example of a company trying to walk the fine line between an open and a closed value chain ecosystem. From a Steve Jobs letter: Let me just say it: We want native third party applications on … Continue reading

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Nokia & Navteq: Vertical Integration or Diversification?

Mapping is the killer mobile app. Whether you have location-based services (LBS) or not, the chances are that you are using mobile mapping software on your smartphone and starting to take it for granted that it will just be there … Continue reading

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Google Addressing the "Facebook issue"

I’ve been slammed with two financings but this news merits taking time on a Sunday night to blog… Ever since word got out that Brad Fitzpatrick (previously chief architect at Six Apart) had joined Google people had a pretty clear idea what Brad’s … Continue reading

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Making Money on MySpace

It’s always been possible to make money on MySpace if you didn’t pay much attention to the terms of service. The site has never consistently enforced its ban on commerce. That’s partly due to technical reasons–from a content filtering standpoint, … Continue reading

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Social Commerce Goes Mainstream: an Industry Insider’s Take on the Kaboodle Acquisition

Social commerce is one of the three pillars of E-Commerce 2.0: Richer user experiences (e-commerce becomes engaging) Accelerating disaggregation (e-commerce happens everywhere) Social commerce (e-commerce leverages emotional/social forces) It has also been the one people have been most skeptical about… … Continue reading

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Facebook’s Secret Plan

I’ve figured out Facebook’s secret plan and I love it. Everyone gets everything for nothing. The everyone is truly everyone since Facebook is no longer about highschool and college kids. Most of the friend invites I get these days are … Continue reading

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Enterprises, Everybody Wants Your Data

As storage gets cheaper, enterprises small and large accumulate more and more information. Finding the right information at the right time is becoming harder and harder. Information comes from many sources: email, IM, the Web and intranets, employee’s desktops, enterprise … Continue reading

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