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More on RIA Debugging

A month ago a wrote about one approach for debugging RIAs across platforms such as Flash/Flex, AJAX, SilverLight, etc. Mike Nimer has a post soliciting ideas for the common UI to do this. If you have any ideas, share them.

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Debugging RIA Services

Introduction This is a call to action to everyone building clients, servers and frameworks for rich internet applications (RIAs) to improve the life of RIA developers by improving the debugging of backend services RIAs depend on. I’d like to thank … Continue reading

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Flash vs. AJAX is The Wrong Question

Following my post on the Flex 3 and AIR launch, a number of you have pinged me privately about the Flash vs. AJAX question. It goes something like this: “I know you are going to write that you prefer Flash/Flex because … Continue reading

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Adobe Engage 2008 To Launch Flex 3.0 and AIR

Tomorrow, at the invitation-only Engage 2008 event in SF Adobe will launch AIR and Flex 3.0. If you want to get a sense of what will be shown, here are the slides from the January pre-release tour. The event has … Continue reading

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Adobe Engage

I’m in SF this week to attend Adobe Engage on Tuesday, a private all-day “influence the influencers” event. The focus is on the Adobe platform, encompassing both online and enterprise technologies. (I don’t think the Mobile group will be represented–they … Continue reading

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Bigger May Be Better for Secure Scripting

On the topic of security as a competitive advantage, a recent Evans Data survey of scripting environments puts ActionScript and Adobe Flex on top. ASP.NET AJAX (Atlas) is in second place. The open-source projects are, unsurprisingly, rated lower. It’s hard to get … Continue reading

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MAXimum Burn

I haven’t posted in nearly two weeks because I’m still recovering from Adobe MAX 2006. Yes, it was in Vegas and, yes, the Macromedians (at least) know how to party till very early in the morning. Plus, two of my … Continue reading

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Flash Apollo Demo

Well, it’s funny I wrote about Web vs. Desktop apps earlier today because a Flex Evangelist from Adobe (Ted Patrick) just demoed a cool Apollo app. Apollo is the result of integrating a number of threads of work that have … Continue reading

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The trouble with Ruby

Yakov Fain, a Java & Flash/Flex guru, notes that Ruby is climbing up the Tiobe Index and spends some time looking into why this this is the case. I like Ruby but I don’t see it becoming a mainstream language … Continue reading

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