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The Startup Holy Trinity

My last post was about agile ideologies, the practice of suspending disbelief and trying something without too much thinking or tweaking for long-enough to collect quality data but not long-enough to go native and lose perspective. A great starting point … Continue reading

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The master moves to the cloud

Fact: data is moving en masse from PCs and enterprise networks to SaaS applications in the cloud. This trend will reshape the computing industry and change the very core of how we think about data and applications. For example, we … Continue reading

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The next reincarnation of cloud computing

Over Memorial Day weekend I wanted to play with CrunchBase data. I wrote a quick bash script that pulled data from CrunchBase and put it in MongoDB, one of the new databases from the NoSQL movement. In the process, I … Continue reading

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Speaking at Cloud3 Forum

I will be leading an unPanel (like unConference but smaller) at Xconomy’s Cloud3 Forum. Great lineup of speakers and the audience will be full of pundits (trust me, see the invite list) so the conversation is guaranteed to be both … Continue reading

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More cloud computing

I am doing another cloud computing event next week, this time moderating a panel at a MassNetComms event titled “Cloud Computing – Beyond the Hype – A Discussion on the Real Benefits and Issues.” There is a great speaker line-up: … Continue reading

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Tollbit — Cloud Virtualization

The initial web site for the latest startup I’m working with through FastIgnite is finally up. Tollbit is a cloud virtualization company with the lofty goal to do for cloud computing what virtualization did for data centers. Wish us luck … Continue reading

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Cloud Ecosystem Map

Many of you who were at the MIT Enterprise Forum cloud computing event I organized a couple of weeks ago have asked for the “eye chart” showing companies in the cloud space. As I mentioned at the event, it is … Continue reading

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FastIgnite is born

Spring time. Time for changes. I’ve moved on from Polaris and I have a new company called FastIgnite. Read about it here, subscribe to my feed and follow me on Twitter to stay informed and, while you are at it, … Continue reading

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Cloudy, With a Chance of Rain

Xconomy put together a cloud computing event at Akamai‘s HQ in Cambridge today. The location was appropriate since Akamai was one of the first companies to work on computing in the cloud or, more specifically, at the edge of the … Continue reading

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Forced Upgrades

Rolling out a product upgrade used to be a big deal. Decades ago it was about replacing boards and ICs. Twenty years ago it was about shipping stacks of floppies and hoping they survive the UPS trip. A decade ago … Continue reading

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