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Google and the ecosystem test

I am roaming the halls of Google I/O 2013 and wondering whether Google’s platform passes the ecosystem test. … no platform has become hugely successful without a corresponding ecosystem of vendors building significant businesses on top of the platform. Typically, … Continue reading

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The rising power of the Google platform

If anyone ever doubted that Google is a platform company, check out the “Google SDK.” I’m putting this in quotes because what you find there is really an aggregation of a bunch of separate projects than a well-thought-out integrated SDK–that … Continue reading

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The master moves to the cloud

Fact: data is moving en masse from PCs and enterprise networks to SaaS applications in the cloud. This trend will reshape the computing industry and change the very core of how we think about data and applications. For example, we … Continue reading

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Mobile advertising got more (less?) competitive

Google just nabbed AdMob for a handy $750M. Congrats to AdMob founder Omar Hamoui who got into the space early and executed very aggressively. More details on the acqusition here. The background story here is of the explosion in mobile … Continue reading

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How IBM and Yahoo made Microsoft and Google

Here is the five-step recipe for creating the most important software companies of the past 30 years: Convince the market leader to give you something big they don’t see the value in for cheap Innovate, innovate, innovate Make a ton … Continue reading

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Facebook – Google rivalry has Net at stake

I’m enjoying Net access on a Virgin flight to SF on FastIgnite and other business. While prepping for meetings with Thing Labs, Facebook and Mozilla I came across this Wired article on the mounting Facebook – Google rivalry. It’s a … Continue reading

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Adobe Engage 2008 To Launch Flex 3.0 and AIR

Tomorrow, at the invitation-only Engage 2008 event in SF Adobe will launch AIR and Flex 3.0. If you want to get a sense of what will be shown, here are the slides from the January pre-release tour. The event has … Continue reading

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MySpace + Google >= Facebook?

The much expected, joked about and pre-announced MySpace developer platform is finally here. Well, not quite: As Aber mentioned, we’re currently in a sandbox phase. Here are the important points to understand about this phase: Your application profiles are private … Continue reading

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Polaris Digital Media Summit

I spent the last few days in Deer Valley, UT at the annual Polaris Venture Partners Digital Media Summit or PVPDMS08 as we casually refer to it (right). It’s a great event where the CEOs of our digital media companies mix … Continue reading

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Too Much Power?

Does Google already have too much power online? Or it is that investors perceive this to the the case? Personally, I doubt that markets would have reacted as violently if GOOG wasn’t involved. Motley Fool makes a daring suggestion: If … Continue reading

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