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The four challenges of the robotics industry

Rodney Brooks, founder/CTO of iRobot and founder of Heartland Robotics lays down the four challenges keeping the robotics industry from going full mainstream. Make robots that have: The vision of the four-year-old child: can deal with shape abstractions, new textures, … Continue reading

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Interview with Google Ventures co-founder Rich Miner

Scott Kirsner interviews Rich Miner, co-founder of Android who recently switched from Google mobile to start Google Ventures with Bill Maris. (I’ve spent time with both Rich and Bill and I think they are doing many things right at Google … Continue reading

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Interview with Skype COO Scott Durchslag

Scott Kirsner is interviewing Skype COO Scott Durchslag (who’s in London today) over a free Skype videocall from a pre-civil war inn on Nantucket. (Not in Kansas, anymore, etc.) Skype adds 350K users/day at nearly zero marginal cost. ScottD sees … Continue reading

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Nantucket Conference Nearly Sold Out

The Nantucket Conference has always offered great conversations with top-notch people. This year’s agenda and attendees are not exception. Several topics are very relevant to the current environment. Bob Metcalfe will be giving his favorite talk on selling and I … Continue reading

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Cloud Computing: You May Need It If You Go Viral On Facebook

I organized a panel on cloud computing at the Nantucket Conference last weekend. One of the panelists was Stevie Clifton, founder/CTO of Animoto. He shared a story about Animoto’s experience with Amazon Web Services’ Elastic Compute Cloud and going viral on Facebook … Continue reading

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Top Five Suggestions For Entrepreneurs From IDEO

The 2008 Nantucket Conference opened up with a session led by world-class design firm IDEO. The session title was Design Thinking for Entrepreneurs: Identifying New Markets and Developing the Winning Product or Service. Although they could have designed a better … Continue reading

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