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What it takes to make the Web more personal

Tom Pinckney has written a great post on GigaOm about the new kinds of processing companies have to do to create a highly personalized experience for users. My comment is still in moderation, so in the spirit of the real-time … Continue reading

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Hats off to Arrington

Well, it seems that the Mike Arrington’s pointed critique of social marketing practices is getting even the very large players to move quickly. Today, we’re adding a fifth principle that clarifies a specific use case that we feel is particularly … Continue reading

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Do social networks care about your privacy?

Following my post yesterday on Twitter having to think carefully about privacy, a friend pointed me to a study that shows how social networks leak deep personal information, allowing third parties to combine what you do with who you are. … Continue reading

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Facebook – Google rivalry has Net at stake

I’m enjoying Net access on a Virgin flight to SF on FastIgnite and other business. While prepping for meetings with Thing Labs, Facebook and Mozilla I came across this Wired article on the mounting Facebook – Google rivalry. It’s a … Continue reading

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Facebook’s Beacon 2.0

By “Beacon 2.0” I mean the backtracking following the infamous change in the Terms of Service. From the founder’s blog: A couple of weeks ago, we revised our terms of use hoping to clarify some parts for our users. Over … Continue reading

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Facebook’s Terms of Service Change: A Line in The Sand

Nearly two years ago I wrote about the three big trends in social infrastructure: Three big trends define how social infrastructure will evolve in the next few years: the opening up of communities, the battle for ownership of user data … Continue reading

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Amazon Funds AWS Darling Animoto

My friend Stevie Clifton, CTO at Animoto, pinged me early this morning with the news that Amazon has funded his company. This comes on the heels of Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos using Animoto as a great example of how to leverage … Continue reading

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Adobe Engage 2008 To Launch Flex 3.0 and AIR

Tomorrow, at the invitation-only Engage 2008 event in SF Adobe will launch AIR and Flex 3.0. If you want to get a sense of what will be shown, here are the slides from the January pre-release tour. The event has … Continue reading

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Consumer-Selected Sponsorship

Sponsorships are growing as an advertising concept and the most interesting sub-segment is the one where consumers select the sponsors they want to be associated with. One of our companies, AWS Convergence Technologies (the folks behind WeatherBug) was a pioneer … Continue reading

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Getting Social Platforms Right

Since I’m a platform guy by background, I’ve been very interested in how social infrastructure, i.e., social platforms such as Facebook’s F8, Bebo’s clone, Google’s OpenSocial and MySpace’s recently launched developer platform, is going to evolve. Some recent good reading on … Continue reading

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