Microsoft to Lead Security Best Practices

“My name is Microsoft and I have a problem.” That could be the introductory statement of the company at the group meeting of ISVs With Legacy Systems Full of Security Holes Anonymous.

In a recent article, eWeek talks about Microsoft’s push into application security and security best practices.

In the process of building its newly launched Windows Vista OS, the Redmond, Wash.-based software maker employed a new vulnerability detection process labeled SDL (Security Development Lifecycle), that claims to have greatly reduced the number of holes in its products, and which will also serve as a foundation for the firm’s nascent applications security business.

I’ve written that we’ll see more and more of this type of behavior from large ISVs as they realize security can be a competitive advantage.

Other examples from large vendors: Oracle gets behind Common Vulnerability Scoring System (CVSS), followed by Cisco. Oracle is getting great feedback from customers about this move, according to the Oracle Security Blog.

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  1. akshay aggarwal says:

    Microsoft focuses on securing ISV’s by sharing a lot of information about their best practices, tools and processes. In fact there is a whole security workshop focused on ISVs. See my blog about it here

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