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Getting Social Platforms Right

Since I’m a platform guy by background, I’ve been very interested in how social infrastructure, i.e., social platforms such as Facebook’s F8, Bebo’s clone, Google’s OpenSocial and MySpace’s recently launched developer platform, is going to evolve. Some recent good reading on … Continue reading

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Harnessing Ingenuity

I found Afrigadget through a short write-up in Fortune. The site can be an inspiration for many, but especially the garage-type entrepreneurs who haven’t made money before. It’s about engineers, entrepreneurs and inventors in Africa who create cool & useful … Continue reading

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Millions of Consumers, Millions of Channels: The Shift to Social Advertising and Social Commerce

I did a guest post at InternetEvolution titled “Viral Distribution’s Coming of Age“. The key observation is that the consumer has become the distribution channel. Millions of consumers = millions of channels. Successfully leveraging social advertising and social commerce will require … Continue reading

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Windows Live Writer

After Onfolio was acquired by Microsoft, JJ Allaire (founder of Allaire) moved to Redmond and is now a GM on the Windows Live team working on all sorts of cool things, including Windows Live Writer. Today our team is shipping … Continue reading

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