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Getting Social Platforms Right

Since I’m a platform guy by background, I’ve been very interested in how social infrastructure, i.e., social platforms such as Facebook’s F8, Bebo’s clone, Google’s OpenSocial and┬áMySpace’s recently launched developer platform, is going to evolve. Some recent good reading on … Continue reading

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Harnessing Ingenuity

I found Afrigadget through a short write-up in Fortune. The site can be an inspiration for many, but especially the garage-type entrepreneurs who haven’t made money before. It’s about engineers, entrepreneurs and inventors in Africa who create cool & useful … Continue reading

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Millions of Consumers, Millions of Channels: The Shift to Social Advertising and Social Commerce

I did a guest post at InternetEvolution titled “Viral Distribution’s Coming of Age“. The key observation is that the consumer has become the distribution channel. Millions of consumers = millions of channels. Successfully leveraging social advertising and social commerce will require … Continue reading

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Windows Live Writer

After Onfolio was acquired by Microsoft, JJ Allaire (founder of Allaire) moved to Redmond and is now a GM on the Windows Live team working on all sorts of cool things, including Windows Live Writer. Today our team is shipping … Continue reading

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