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Do social networks care about your privacy?

Following my post yesterday on Twitter having to think carefully about privacy, a friend pointed me to a study that shows how social networks leak deep personal information, allowing third parties to combine what you do with who you are. … Continue reading

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Twitter gets in the privacy game

TechCrunch saw Twitter re-writing all links to point to their site. Great idea as it gives them wonderful data. Potentially bad idea from a privacy standpoint if they do anything more than count how many times a link is clicked. … Continue reading

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What targeted advertising and nuclear power have in common

Amidst all the concern over targeted advertising and consumer privacy, I did a guest piece for Adotas on the need for a new model for targeted mobile advertising. Advertisers’ desire for more and more scalable targeted advertising is going to … Continue reading

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Even Opt-In is Not Safe

mocoNews continues the coverage of the FTC complaint by consumer privacy groups against the mobile industry. But where consumer groups see a threat to privacy, companies see a user experience they claim can be managed by giving the consumer the … Continue reading

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Let’s Be Smarter About Privacy

I don’t know what it would take for history not to repeat itself. The story goes something like this… Company X figures out a cool new way to collect and analyze lots of data for the purposes of better ad … Continue reading

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Too Much Power?

Does Google already have too much power online? Or it is that investors perceive this to the the case? Personally, I doubt that markets would have reacted as violently if GOOG wasn’t involved. Motley Fool makes a daring suggestion: If … Continue reading

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Facebook SocialAds Market Size

An entrepreneur and I were talking about startup opportunities in the social advertising space. We ended up wondering about market size, which is an impossible question to answer on Net scale so instead we talked about Facebook’s SocialAds network. We … Continue reading

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MySpace vs. Facebook : Apple vs. Orange

Although some love to throw MySpace and Facebook in the same bucket, the two companies continue to evolve in different directions to the point where it is probably better to talk about meta-competition than direct rivalry. The latest example is how they … Continue reading

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Making Money on MySpace

It’s always been possible to make money on MySpace if you didn’t pay much attention to the terms of service. The site has never consistently enforced its ban on commerce. That’s partly due to technical reasons–from a content filtering standpoint, … Continue reading

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Rebooting Business Models

An interesting company to watch is EveryZing (what used to be Podzinger). My friend Tom Wilde recently took the reigns as CEO. His task is similar to that of many CEOs of Series B companies–take good tech that has gone … Continue reading

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