Walt Mossberg and Verizon’s Move to Open Its Network

I’m listening to Walt Mossberg speak at the Dow Jones Consumer Innovations conference. He began by pointing out that Verizon didn’t give him any credit when they announced the opening of the Verizon network. This is a huge deal, by analogy equivalent to the fall of communism. Hey, maybe Walt can change the world. Here is Om’s analysis and a pat on the back from the FCC. I’m with Om. I bet there will still be lots of hurdles to jump over and “Verizon-open” won’t mean “Internet-open” but the chance to stance is still very significant.

BTW, it will be difficult for Apple to maintain its semi-closed iPhone/iTunes environment with GOOG’s Android positioning + Verizon moving towards openness.

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2 Responses to Walt Mossberg and Verizon’s Move to Open Its Network

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  2. Dean says:

    Well, it is an interesting proposition, but that means that Verizon has to install RUIM (CDMA SIM card) infrastructure and then handset vendors have to start manufacturing devices for other markets then China and Korea (only ones that I know use RUIM). And Nokia and Sony Ericsson are exiting CDMA markets (except Sony Ericsson in Japan), so now to come back it will take some time to get new cool devices for Verizon network.
    Will be curious how it develops, but I think it is just a marketing gimmick.

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