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The three rules of awesome mobile hackers

One of the reasons why I’ve been mostly absent from this blog is that, together with a couple of very interesting people, I started a new company and we’ve been busy closing our Series A and getting things off the … Continue reading

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iPhone economics, startup economics, angel investing economics

Tomi Ahonen has collected a lot of good data about the iPhone app ecosystem and applies solid analysis to reach the conclusion that, from an economic standpoint, on average, it is a waste of developers’ time to build iPhone apps. … Continue reading

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Dogfooding vs. maintaining perspective

I’m all for dogfooding but not at the expense of deep competitive research. Sometimes you just have to live with your competitors’ products in order to understand them the way their customers do. I guess now that Bill Gates is … Continue reading

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How to Add a 20x Zoom to Your iPhone or Blackberry

Jason and I had a Plinky working session earlier which was briefly interrupted by our attempts to take a picture of Lady Liberty through the eyepiece of┬áthe Celestron Ultima 80 spotting scope in my room. Jason got a good shot … Continue reading

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Steve Jobs: Apple iPhone Opens Up

Here is another great example of a company trying to walk the fine line between an open and a closed value chain ecosystem. From a Steve Jobs letter: Let me just say it: We want native third party applications on … Continue reading

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iPhone Also Suitable For Babies

I bought an iPhone yesterday. No waiting in lines. In fact, it was a 5min shopping experience, not accounting for having to call every single store in the Boston area ahead of time to find the only one with 8Gb … Continue reading

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