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Steve Jobs: Apple iPhone Opens Up

Here is another great example of a company trying to walk the fine line between an open and a closed value chain ecosystem. From a Steve Jobs letter: Let me just say it: We want native third party applications on … Continue reading

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Nokia & Navteq: Vertical Integration or Diversification?

Mapping is the killer mobile app. Whether you have location-based services (LBS) or not, the chances are that you are using mobile mapping software on your smartphone and starting to take it for granted that it will just be there … Continue reading

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iPhone Also Suitable For Babies

I bought an iPhone yesterday. No waiting in lines. In fact, it was a 5min shopping experience, not accounting for having to call every single store in the Boston area ahead of time to find the only one with 8Gb … Continue reading

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Playing Monopoly in the Advertising Space

So, let’s see: Microsoft buys aQuantive for $6B (2x price premium suggests some deal competition) Google buys DoubleClick for $3.1B (beats Microsoft) WPP buys 24/7 Media for $649M (Microsoft was also looking at it) Yahoo buys Right Media for $680M … Continue reading

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SavaJe Goes to Sun

In a smart move, Sun bought SavaJe, which had built a complete mobile software stack using Java. I hope Sun embraces Linux as the phone OS layer and opens up the SavaJe stack to multiple presentation technologies by integrating an AJAX-enabled … Continue reading

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Widgets, Widgets, Everywhere

Widgets are the new cool. Everyone agrees they are a big phenomenon that’s here to stay. No, widgets are not new. They’ve been around for a very long time in multiple technology implementations. Some prior examples are in Brad Feld’s … Continue reading

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Adobe Engage Notes

The Adobe Engage event worked out well. The audience was sharp and with a broad range of perspectives. A few interesting points worth noting: Apollo Apollo comes with the WebKit engine. This is telling of Adobe’s ultimate desire to let … Continue reading

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The Ideal Mobile Software Stack

I’m a contributing blogger to the OpenGardens blog. My latest post there is The Ideal Mobile Software Stack where I’m advocating a layered Linux/Java/Flash|AJAX architecture for high end feature phones and smartphones. In terms of presentation, I’m slightly biased towards … Continue reading

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Making Money From the Paradox of Choice

In parallel to 3GSM, Ogilvy runs a telco conference in the beautiful Dolce Sitges Hotel, about 35km from Barcelona where the main even is. Sitges is a vacation town for the Barcelonians, a quiet place fit for a more exclusive … Continue reading

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The Ecosystem Test

Roaming the 3GSM halls and talking to operators and vendors, one thing becomes painfully clear: many players in the mobile space have never experienced an open ecosystem evolved through market forces. This has an effect on how they see the … Continue reading

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