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The Zen of fundraising

When investing in companies through FastIgnite, I usually sell my super-secret value-add as opposed to just cash. See, cash is not that hard to get if you know how to ask for it and there aren’t any obvious reasons for … Continue reading

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The Startup Holy Trinity

My last post was about agile ideologies, the practice of suspending disbelief and trying something without too much thinking or tweaking for long-enough to collect quality data but not long-enough to go native and lose perspective. A great starting point … Continue reading

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Agile ideology in startups

I am not a fan of ideologies. Inflexibility of thinking or the ability to take reality into account rarely leads to great outcomes. Just look at history. Methodologies, on the other hand, I like. The difference between the two is in … Continue reading

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The master moves to the cloud

Fact: data is moving en masse from PCs and enterprise networks to SaaS applications in the cloud. This trend will reshape the computing industry and change the very core of how we think about data and applications. For example, we … Continue reading

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Finding the best startup customers

Phil Libin (@plibin, CEO of Evernote), Alexei Erchak (CEO of Luminous Devices) and I did a session with the Boston chapter of the Founder Institute last night. Towards the end of the program we listened to several startup pitches. Every … Continue reading

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Google Voice vs. Survey App

I think voice recognition, especially when combined with dynamic, data-driven systems is a Big Thing. That said, we have a long way to go as demonstrated by this slightly edited Google Voice transcript of its interaction with an automated survey … Continue reading

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iPhone economics, startup economics, angel investing economics

Tomi Ahonen has collected a lot of good data about the iPhone app ecosystem and applies solid analysis to reach the conclusion that, from an economic standpoint, on average, it is a waste of developers’ time to build iPhone apps. … Continue reading

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Repurchase agreements: what you should know before you sign

This is the second guest post from Dave Broadwin, head of the Emerging Enterpise Center at Foley Hoag LLP, in the area of founding agreements. Part one is on vesting and the other related posts are on improving the performance … Continue reading

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Founder Agreements – Vesting, Vesting and more Vesting

Following my posts on improving the performance of founding teams, founder agreements and strategies for dealing with poorly performing co-founders, I continue to receive many emails at FastIgnite from entrepreneurs having difficulties with managing and formalizing the relationships with their … Continue reading

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Picking the ideal market size for a startup

There may be some argument about this but I’ve read in a number of places that the fastest high-tech company to reach $1B in revenue was BEA Systems. How did they do it? They got big backers: a private equity … Continue reading

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