Solve hard problems and fly robots

Because we are in stealth mode, people regularly ask me what we do at Shopximity. Stuck between changing the topic and saying that we make shopping better for everyone, I decided to take a different tack and tell the cold, hard truth:

There it is. There is no more. For now. Except that we are looking for a someone special.

Front-end Engineer (UI/UX)

Shopximity, an early-stage startup, is looking for a front-end engineer. You’ll work with industry-leading Bocoup engineers and an experienced team of startup veterans at Shopximity to develop a system that will improve the user experience of 100 million people daily. As the first front-end engineer, you’ll both define and solve the many interesting problems we face as we develop the product from scratch.

In case you are not the right person but know someone who is, we offer a $10K referral bonus. Try us. Tell us about your worst competitor’s best engineers and we’ll hire them away and send you $10K.

Requirements and qualifications:

  • Thorough experience with JavaScript, HTML, and CSS (we use JQuery).
  • Thoughtful interaction design and sensitivity to user experience.
  • Experience working with high-traffic websites (>500k monthly uniques).
  • Entrepreneurial approach to your work. We don’t want to manage you, we want to enable you to make the product better and its users happier.

Things we’ll like about you:

  • You are a problem solver and you like gnarly problems.
  • You care deeply about user experience and empowering users.
  • You’ve worked at, or are very interested in, consumer web startups.
  • You’re always thinking about ways to make your favorite websites better.
  • You’re interested in the mobile web, too, and have some ideas about designing for smaller screens.
  • You’ve worked with a backend framework like Rails (which we use), Django, etc.
  • You’re not afraid to voice your opinion and argue for it, but want to arrive at the right decision after thoughtful debate about what’s right for the product and its users.

Things you’ll like about us:

  • You’ll work with, and learn from, people who have built many startups before, taken them public and won TechCrunch 50 awards. Think a startup bootcamp but faster paced.
  • We have a mission. It is to make shopping better for everyone on Web and mobile.
  • We use a cutting-edge stack in the cloud that will handle many billions of requests.
  • We’re well-funded and backed by some of the best investors from the East and West coasts. Well-known people in our industry have joined as advisors to help us in our mission.
  • We take care of our engineers. We have a bright office next to the Alewife T Station. Every workstation has two top-of-the-line monitors and an adjustable-height desk.
  • Generous compensation, including ground-floor stock options. We want to hire the best and treat them like the best.
  • We’re very early stage (5 people) and you can make a meaningful difference immediately because we run weekly sprints.

Please send your resume as well as links to your portfolio, GitHub or Dribbble. Include links to professional or community projects you’ve worked on. Additionally, please tell us a few sites whose UI/UX you admire, and tell us why.

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  1. So, no telecommuting?

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