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Eric Ries interview about lean startups

Lean startup meme inventor Eric Ries is in town. He will be at the Lean Startup Circle event on Thursday night. If you are lucky-enough to have gotten a ticket for this, either hold it tight or sell it on … Continue reading

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The Startup Holy Trinity

My last post was about agile ideologies, the practice of suspending disbelief and trying something without too much thinking or tweaking for long-enough to collect quality data but not long-enough to go native and lose perspective. A great starting point … Continue reading

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Agile ideology in startups

I am not a fan of ideologies. Inflexibility of thinking or the ability to take reality into account rarely leads to great outcomes. Just look at history. Methodologies, on the other hand, I like. The difference between the two is in … Continue reading

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Picking the ideal market size for a startup

There may be some argument about this but I’ve read in a number of places that the fastest high-tech company to reach $1B in revenue was BEA Systems. How did they do it? They got big backers: a private equity … Continue reading

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What constitutes a startup mistake?

Through a tweet from David Skok, I was reminded of a Paul Graham essay on the 18 mistakes that kill startups. Here they are: 1. Single Founder 2. Bad Location 3. Marginal Niche 4. Derivative Idea 5. Obstinacy 6. Hiring … Continue reading

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