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The Startup Holy Trinity

My last post was about agile ideologies, the practice of suspending disbelief and trying something without too much thinking or tweaking for long-enough to collect quality data but not long-enough to go native and lose perspective. A great starting point … Continue reading

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Beyond Bootstrapping Redux

Got hit by the SlideShare April Fool’s joke today that I’ve become a RockStar because one of my presentations has been getting a ton of views in the past 24 hours. I went into my account and, indeed, the Beyond … Continue reading

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The Anti-Patterns of Bootstrapping

The three most common bootstrapping mistakes I’ve observed: Setting the wrong bootstrapping objectives. Prototype? First paying customer? CFBE? I often meet with startups that are bootstrapping to a particular objective with the expectation that it will allow them to achieve … Continue reading

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Fluid Architecture or How ColdFusion 8 Won The Jolt Award For Web Development

A couple of days ago I listened with empathy as a passionate entrepreneur told the story about bootstrapping his business over many years. Like many other entrepreneurs in his situation, he had to repeatedly make micro-optimization decisions that got him … Continue reading

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Strategies For Startup Success

I gave at talk this morning at Yankee Group. It was part of the SmartSpeaker series that CEO Emily Green has been organizing for a few months now. Many months ago, over breakfast, Emily asked me to give a talk … Continue reading

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