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The Art of Viral Distribution is Becoming a Science

Viral marketing and viral distribution are sometimes confused. Viral marketing is about the messaging/positioning first and foremost; the call to action is in second place. Viral distribution is about the packaging of discovering, learning about / evaluating and, hopefully, using … Continue reading

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The Rise of Social Infrastructure

I wrote this piece on social infrastructure last fall for the inaugural issue of Social Computing Magazine. As most startups, SCM was a little late to launch and hence some of the data and references in the article are dated. … Continue reading

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Social Computing Magazine

After many years with SYS-CON, my friend Jeremy Geelan has struck it on his own with Social Computing Magazine. Worth keeping an eye on it as Jeremy has a number of sharp people (and me) on the editorial board. Computing … Continue reading

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Widgets, Widgets, Everywhere

Widgets are the new cool. Everyone agrees they are a big phenomenon that’s here to stay. No, widgets are not new. They’ve been around for a very long time in multiple technology implementations. Some prior examples are in Brad Feld’s … Continue reading

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Second Life Numbers: Mystery Revealed

Some of you have probably followed the debate in the blogosphere about virtual community usage and growth. Very recently, Clay Shirky and David Kirkpatrick had a somewhat tense exchange over the credibility of some Second Life numbers. David talked to CEO Philip Rosedale and … Continue reading

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Social Commerce

I finally did it. Earlier in the week I noticed that Wikipedia didn’t have a page for social commerce, so I tried to create one. 30+mins into it, IE 7.0.5730.11 crashed (too many tabs open) and I lost my work. … Continue reading

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The Web-Based Office++

Emergence is a strong, albeit sometimes unpredictable force. The past two weeks have been full of some interesting conversations/observations. Google bought JotSpot. I was reminded yet again that Google Calendar is a great product, Gmail is a strange one and … Continue reading

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Ouch, that hurts

Jeff Nolan points out in Venture Chronicles that East Coast VCs just don’t get it when it comes to Web 2.0. Harsh words but then he asks “where are the Web 2.0 companies on the East Coast?” Is it case … Continue reading

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Spam Comes to Ning

I got my first spam “friend” request on Ning. It was a standard affiliate scheme. The Ning app is populated with a ton of content. The programmability of a social infrastructure platform is a mixed blessing as it lowers the cost of doing … Continue reading

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The Third Place

Jason Fry has an insightful post on the role MMOGs and online communities can play in our lives. Your first place is your home. Your second place is your work. Then there’s the more-elusive third place — somewhere you feel … Continue reading

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