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Good Luck, MySQL–You Will Need It

Sun buying MySQL is truly a mixed blessing. Sun has the resources to invest to make MySQL a “real” database and knows a lot about what enterprises would want to see in it. On the other hand, Sun has had … Continue reading

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Nokia & Navteq: Vertical Integration or Diversification?

Mapping is the killer mobile app. Whether you have location-based services (LBS) or not, the chances are that you are using mobile mapping software on your smartphone and starting to take it for granted that it will just be there … Continue reading

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Bigger May Be Better for Secure Scripting

On the topic of security as a competitive advantage, a recent Evans Data survey of scripting environments puts ActionScript and Adobe Flex on top. ASP.NET AJAX (Atlas) is in second place. The open-source projects are, unsurprisingly, rated lower. It’s hard to get … Continue reading

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Adobe partners with Mozilla on Tamarin

Adobe announced a partnership with the Mozilla Foundation. Adobe contributed the code for the ActionScript 3.0 VM that powers Flash Player 9. Why is this noteworthy? Because the new VM is a speed demon and the folks at Mozilla working … Continue reading

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The Mobile Stack Evolves

MocoNews confirms what has been talked about for months now–that Voda is making a major shift in how it selects its devices. No more proprietary phone OSs developed by clueless ODMs who really don’t get SW. Voda’s future will be based … Continue reading

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Amazon Web Services Debate Expands

Antonio Rodriguez, founder of Tabblo and brother of the founder of Archivas (Andres Rodriguez),¬†has a lengthy post¬†worth reading on why AWS isn’t manna from heaven. He makes two key points: Given Amazon’s core business, it’s worth questioning the SLAs of … Continue reading

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