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Monitoring Redis with MONITOR and WireShark

At Swoop we use Redis extensively for caching, message processing and analytics. The Redis documentation can be pithy at times and recently I found myself wanting to look in more depth at the Redis wire protocol. Getting everything set up … Continue reading

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One more vote for functional languages

I’ve been doing a lot of work on startup anti-patterns recently so it seems fitting that I look at other things through that lens. Every few months I fall into the same debugging anti-pattern: I start using a debugger to … Continue reading

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The trouble with Ruby

Yakov Fain, a Java & Flash/Flex guru, notes that Ruby is climbing up the Tiobe Index and spends some time looking into why this this is the case. I like Ruby but I don’t see it becoming a mainstream language … Continue reading

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Ruby favored by startups

I’m starting to see more startups using Ruby and Ruby-on-Rails for three typical types of projects: Simple web sites, e.g., the 37signals properties. Web 2.0ish sites where XML will be passed back’n’forth for both AJAX and site integration purposes. Internal … Continue reading

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