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EDU 2.0: The naming craze continues

Graham Glass (founder of The Mind Electric, which built Glue and sold to webMethods) has released the beta of his open education platform. The early beta of EDU 2.0 is now officially live. You can access the site at http://www.edu20.org. … Continue reading

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The trouble with Ruby

Yakov Fain, a Java & Flash/Flex guru, notes that Ruby is climbing up the Tiobe Index and spends some time looking into why this this is the case. I like Ruby but I don’t see it becoming a mainstream language … Continue reading

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Ruby favored by startups

I’m starting to see more startups using Ruby and Ruby-on-Rails for three typical types of projects: Simple web sites, e.g., the 37signals properties. Web 2.0ish sites where XML will be passed back’n’forth for both AJAX and site integration purposes. Internal … Continue reading

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