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I’m in SF this week to attend Adobe Engage on Tuesday, a private all-day “influence the influencers” event. The focus is on the Adobe platform, encompassing both online and enterprise technologies. (I don’t think the Mobile group will be represented–they are ODM & operator-focused at this point.)The list of presenters and attendees is impressive, from Jeremy Allaire to Mike Arrington to Om Malik to Robert Scoble. It should be a day full of good conversations, which will be continued at the Jade Bar after the event, courtesy of Polaris Venture Partners.

Here is the kind of applications we’ll be talking about:

An application called Tour Tracker 2.0 launched today for the Tour of California bike race going on this week.  The entire application was built in a few weeks with the Flex Framework, with Flash Media Server and Flex Data Services providing video and data streaming for the application.  If you haven’t seen it yet, you can check it out at

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  1. Steve Poland says:

    Juan at Scalenine designed my logo — but his primary focus are Adobe Flex themes. He has tons of free ones at his website — He does great work, if anyone out there needs a custom one.

  2. Well, if I could raise my voice there, I’d have to say I’d be raising a rukus to get some proper web development tools for Linux put together. I said it on my blog ( but I’ll say it again — if you’re going to create an all-encompassing UI with Flash and such, why not take the whole ‘beat Bill’ paradigm to its first milestone by making it so your average developer can live and breathe completely separate from Microsoft (or Mac for that matter).

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