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The fastest way to learn a new programming language

In school, I used to pick up new programming languages for fun. I could take my time to learn & explore them in whichever way felt right, without pressure. I implemented for fun and the code rarely ended up in … Continue reading

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The next reincarnation of cloud computing

Over Memorial Day weekend I wanted to play with CrunchBase data. I wrote a quick bash script that pulled data from CrunchBase and put it in MongoDB, one of the new databases from the NoSQL movement. In the process, I … Continue reading

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Does knowing C allow you to write more efficient programs?

In a thoughtful comment to my post analyzing Apple’s refusal to allow non-native apps–the ones built with Flash, .NET, any type of cross-compiler, etc.–on its devices, Andrew Martin argued: I would argue that knowing a “lower-level” high-level language like C … Continue reading

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