The rising power of the Google platform

If anyone ever doubted that Google is a platform company, check out the “Google SDK.” I’m putting this in quotes because what you find there is really an aggregation of a bunch of separate projects than a well-thought-out integrated SDK–that wouldn’t fit Google’s chaos by design operating principles.

That said, it’s hard to ignore the breadth and depth of what’s on offer. Or think about how, regardless of any theoretical openness, using many of these APIs in your applications would tie you and your data inseparably to Google.

I predict than within 2-3 years many projects that depend on third party APIs will start including a data and API portability review just as they have security reviews today. This will come as a result of more and more data living behind SaaS apps and online services, making cloud integration as common as enterprise integration is today.


Google API and SDK

About Simeon Simeonov

I'm an entrepreneur, hacker, angel investor and reformed VC. I am currently Founder & CTO of Swoop, a health AI platform. Through FastIgnite I invest in and work with a few great startups to get more done with less. Learn more, follow @simeons on Twitter and connect with me on LinkedIn.
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5 Responses to The rising power of the Google platform

  1. Always suspected it – felt it instinctively as I casually look at various Goog offerings – now you’ve highlighted it with great clarity.

    +1 on the prediction – they* may call it something else, but it will amount to a portability assessment.

    * The Gartner-s of this world who invent fancy terms and acronyms

  2. Cyprien Noel says:

    I like the analogy with enterprise integration, this is great. I wonder if there will be a kind of service bus to help integration across services.

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