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Analysis: Automated Code Scanners

One of the best articles I’ve seen on application security analysis. Of course, some of the problem with current approaches are remedied when one takes a binary, SaaS approach and issues are scrubbed for false positives by trained security experts–in … Continue reading

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DST Change, Cars, Sensor Networks and Software-as-a-Service

Sunday came and went and all’s well, more or less. The ticking bomb called the Energy Policy Act of 2005 made a polite pop! but didn’t cause too much trouble when DST came into effect earlier this year than usual. Strangely … Continue reading

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SaaS Brings Increased Responsibilities

Software-as-a-service vendors carry the responsibility of taking care of their customers’ data. They must protect it from corruption, loss, and theft. From architecture to operations, it takes careful planning to build a good, scalable SaaS offering. Yesterday, at an RSA … Continue reading

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The Web-Based Office++

Emergence is a strong, albeit sometimes unpredictable force. The past two weeks have been full of some interesting conversations/observations. Google bought JotSpot. I was reminded yet again that Google Calendar is a great product, Gmail is a strange one and … Continue reading

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MAXimum Burn

I haven’t posted in nearly two weeks because I’m still recovering from Adobe MAX 2006. Yes, it was in Vegas and, yes, the Macromedians (at least) know how to party till very early in the morning. Plus, two of my … Continue reading

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The End of PCs as We Know Them

I’m on a long plane ride to Phoenix. Outlook corrupted its .ost file so I can’t do email. I don’t want to see another Keanu Reeves and Sandra Bullock movie. My books are in the checked luggage. Time to listen … Continue reading

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Ouch, that hurts

Jeff Nolan points out in Venture Chronicles that East Coast VCs just don’t get it when it comes to Web 2.0. Harsh words but then he asks “where are the Web 2.0 companies on the East Coast?” Is it case … Continue reading

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Amazon Web Services Debate Expands

Antonio Rodriguez, founder of Tabblo and brother of the founder of Archivas (Andres Rodriguez), has a lengthy post worth reading on why AWS isn’t manna from heaven. He makes two key points: Given Amazon’s core business, it’s worth questioning the SLAs of … Continue reading

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Amazon Web Services & Standards?

I’ve been thinking more about AWS since Jeff Bezos’s talk yesterday. Whenever infrastructure outsourcing comes up, the question of standards is not far away. Amazon can wait for its services to become de facto standards or they can lead with … Continue reading

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Jeff Bezos on Amazon Web Services (Mechanical Turk, S3 and EC2)

I’m at the MIT Emerging Technologies Conference today. Jeff Bezos was the first keynote speaker. His talk focused on Amazon Web Services (AWS), in particular, Mechanical Turk, S3 and EC2. Jeff didn’t talk about the Amazon Simple Queue Service (SQS), which is … Continue reading

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