Beyond Pizza

Courtesy of my friend Jack Odell comes a valuable link for entrepreneurs who want to go beyond pizza–the Burrito Blog. For those in the Boston area who can’t decide whether it’s pizza or Mexican that’s going to feed their ideas, Jack personally recommends the strangely named Romano’s Pizza.

We were surprised to find a fairly decent mexican dive right near our apartment. Part of the reason it had been difficult to find was because it was ingeniously named “Romano’s Pizza” (its half pizza-joint/half mexican food). We’ve been pretty impressed with their tacos and burritos, though. May be worth checking out if you find yourself in the area.

My favorite Mexican places in the Boston area are Ole Mexican Grill in Arlington and Cambridge.  I like the lighter Oaxaca fare. Ricardo’s quesadilla in Arlington packs a punch. I’m eternally grateful to John Peyton, a star engineer on my team at Allaire, for introducing me to Ole.

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  1. Glen says:

    Hey Sim, just FYI, the Ole in Arlington is now called “Zocalo”. Same great food though. 🙂 The one in Inman is still Ole.

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