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Mini-App Software Quality

I’m starting to believe that developers of very small applications (widgets, applets, plug-ins, etc.) are not taking software quality seriously. The fact that their own codebase is small doesn’t mean that they have fewer defects per line of code. Further, … Continue reading

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Implementing Inbox Zero

After some research following the comments I received about email management, I decided to implement Inbox Zero, which is based on David Allen‘s Getting Things Done. The first step was to start with success. I created a folder called old_mail … Continue reading

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New Year’s Resolution

I’m not big on New Year’s resolutions–if you want to do something, just do it, why wait for that magic date–but here timing played a role… My resolution¬†is to use email better, both in terms of how I write/send emails … Continue reading

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Enterprises, Everybody Wants Your Data

As storage gets cheaper, enterprises small and large accumulate more and more information. Finding the right information at the right time is becoming harder and harder. Information comes from many sources: email, IM, the Web and intranets, employee’s desktops, enterprise … Continue reading

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FileNet finally goes out to IBM

The consolidation in the ECM market continues with IBM snapping up FileNet. This is a good outcome for FileNet, which had not performed very well and was threatened by changes in the ECM space. The acquisition price of $35 per … Continue reading

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Office apps on-demand?

eWeek has a good analysis of office apps that links into a deeper look at Office 2007 Beta 2. Having installed and played with Beta 2 on a Vista machine I do agree that MS will have a long upgrade … Continue reading

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