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Google Targets Enterprises With Postini Acquisition

Another strategic move by Google–buying Postini for $625M. Postini has been a leader in the hosted email/IM security, archiving and compliance space. In addition to having well-thought out service offerings, the company has been able to operate on a big scale … Continue reading

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Google Gears Powers Web-to-Desktop Convergence

Google Gears will bring offline processing to AJAX applications, which promises to be a step towards closing the last big delta between traditional desktop and Web 2.0 applications. Web-to-desktop convergence is a very interesting topic and one that is bound to … Continue reading

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Playing Monopoly in the Advertising Space

So, let’s see: Microsoft buys aQuantive for $6B (2x price premium suggests some deal competition) Google buys DoubleClick for $3.1B (beats Microsoft) WPP buys 24/7 Media for $649M (Microsoft was also looking at it) Yahoo buys Right Media for $680M … Continue reading

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Perception and Reality: Why It Makes Sense For Google To Pay $3.1B For DoubleClick

Perception and reality sometimes have a twisted relationship. That’s particularly true in cases where being perceived as the leader makes you the leader. We tend to see these types of self-fulfilling prophecies in aggregator / market maker and other critical … Continue reading

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SavaJe Goes to Sun

In a smart move, Sun bought SavaJe, which had built a complete mobile software stack using Java. I hope Sun embraces Linux as the phone OS layer and opens up the SavaJe stack to multiple presentation technologies by integrating an AJAX-enabled … Continue reading

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Impedance Mismatch: Technology Outpaces The Law (Yet Again)

Impedance mismatch is defined as a term “which describes an inadequate or excessive ability of one system to accommodate input from another.” With the pace of change in technology exceeding that of many other areas in society, there is plenty … Continue reading

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Widget Convergence: Web-to-Desktop

The guys at Goowy and yourminis blog that you can now put your widgets on your desktop, all thanks to Adobe Apollo. I tried it and it’s pretty neat, despite the fact that it is alpha tech running on alpha tech. … Continue reading

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Killer Consumer Applications for RFID

Mention RFID a couple of years ago and most would think about pallets of goods moving through warehouses. When the cost of RFID tags was high, it made little sense to do item-level tagging so goods were tagged at the … Continue reading

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Mobile giants plot secret rival to Google

Courtesy of my friend Ajit Jaokar comes this speculation, reported in the Telegraph. Europe’s biggest telecoms groups are aiming to create a mobile phone search engine that could challenge Yahoo! and Google, the US giants. Vodafone, France Telecom, Telefonica, Deutsche … Continue reading

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RSA Keynotes

It may be the lack of sleep but I’m unimpressed by the keynotes so far this year. Bill Gates + Craig Mundie, MS We’ve made mistakes in the past but now we get it. Acronym overload: SDLC is also Secure … Continue reading

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