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Nokia & Navteq: Vertical Integration or Diversification?

Mapping is the killer mobile app. Whether you have location-based services (LBS) or not, the chances are that you are using mobile mapping software on your smartphone and starting to take it for granted that it will just be there … Continue reading

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Geotagging is a feature

Flickr’s native geotagging integration has re-kindled the debate on whether one can create sticky community sites around geotagging. That’s the wrong question to ask. Geotagging is a feature. It hasn’t been hard to do technically for quite a while. Just … Continue reading

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Flickr Photos Geotagged at 50K/hour

Flickr finally released its geotagging feature. It’s a simple drag’n’drop interface onto a Yahoo! map. 1.2M geotagged photos in 24 hours is about 50K/hour, which is an impressive rate even for a feature that was “pre-sold” for a while. There … Continue reading

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