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DST Change, Cars, Sensor Networks and Software-as-a-Service

Sunday came and went and all’s well, more or less. The ticking bomb called the Energy Policy Act of 2005 made a polite pop! but didn’t cause too much trouble when DST came into effect earlier this year than usual. Strangely … Continue reading

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Gates gets personal with Steve Jobs/Apple in a Newsweek article. I must agree on one thing with Bill–most PC users don’t look like John Hodgman and most Mac users don’t look like the cool kid in black. In fact, nearly … Continue reading

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Bigger May Be Better for Secure Scripting

On the topic of security as a competitive advantage, a recent Evans Data survey of scripting environments puts ActionScript and Adobe Flex on top. ASP.NET AJAX (Atlas) is in second place. The open-source projects are, unsurprisingly, rated lower. It’s hard to get … Continue reading

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High-Class Problems

Courtesy of Mark Anderson comes a great quote from Adobe CEO Bruce Chizen: “Oh, I love Google. Google is a big threat for Microsoft and distracts it from the rest of us. [Google] is simultaneously our heat shield and an … Continue reading

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Adobe partners with Mozilla on Tamarin

Adobe announced a partnership with the Mozilla Foundation. Adobe contributed the code for the ActionScript 3.0 VM that powers Flash Player 9. Why is this noteworthy? Because the new VM is a speed demon and the folks at Mozilla working … Continue reading

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The Mobile Stack Evolves

MocoNews confirms what has been talked about for months now–that Voda is making a major shift in how it selects its devices. No more proprietary phone OSs developed by clueless ODMs who really don’t get SW. Voda’s future will be based … Continue reading

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The End of PCs as We Know Them

I’m on a long plane ride to Phoenix. Outlook corrupted its .ost file so I can’t do email. I don’t want to see another Keanu Reeves and Sandra Bullock movie. My books are in the checked luggage. Time to listen … Continue reading

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Windows Live Writer Screencast

Jon Udell interviews JJ Allaire and Jack Ozzie about Windows Live Writer. It’s all captured in a nice screencast. If you see it, you’ll know why I enjoy blogging with WLW. The beta update fixed most of the issues that I had … Continue reading

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Windows Live Writer

After Onfolio was acquired by Microsoft, JJ Allaire (founder of Allaire) moved to Redmond and is now a GM on the Windows Live team working on all sorts of cool things, including Windows Live Writer. Today our team is shipping … Continue reading

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