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Mini-App Software Quality

I’m starting to believe that developers of very small applications (widgets, applets, plug-ins, etc.) are not taking software quality seriously. The fact that their own codebase is small doesn’t mean that they have fewer defects per line of code. Further, … Continue reading

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Social Commerce

I finally did it. Earlier in the week I noticed that Wikipedia didn’t have a page for social commerce, so I tried to create one. 30+mins into it, IE 7.0.5730.11 crashed (too many tabs open) and I lost my work. … Continue reading

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Adobe partners with Mozilla on Tamarin

Adobe announced a partnership with the Mozilla Foundation. Adobe contributed the code for the ActionScript 3.0 VM that powers Flash Player 9. Why is this noteworthy? Because the new VM is a speed demon and the folks at Mozilla working … Continue reading

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IE7 and WordPress

Matt Mullenweg and I talked briefly today about the problem of IE7 Beta 3 not working well with the authoring/preview features of WordPress. It seems to be something related to previews–the introduction of HTTP content into HTTPS admin sessions. Strangely, … Continue reading

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