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Mea Culpa

I haven’t blogged in nearly two months. It’s bad form but I have been rather busy. I’m in the process of co-founding a company in San Fran which will help bloggers write more and better posts. Which makes me blogging … Continue reading

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Setting The Record Straight About Metcalfe’s Law

One can have a lot of fun these days poking around Wikipedia, discovering various types of inaccuracies and, perhaps, fixing them. But how should one treat a case where Wikipedia accurately reports on an otherwise inaccurate statement? This thought comes … Continue reading

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Do VCs Get Nanotech?

Startup media site Xconomy (led by my friend Bob Buderi) has an interesting post based on an interview with nanotech pioneer Tim Swager from MIT. Tim’s observations are that, initially, VCs invested in a nano bubble without having a clue about what … Continue reading

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Social Computing Magazine

After many years with SYS-CON, my friend Jeremy Geelan has struck it on his own with Social Computing Magazine. Worth keeping an eye on it as Jeremy has a number of sharp people (and me) on the editorial board. Computing … Continue reading

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Widgets, Widgets, Everywhere

Widgets are the new cool. Everyone agrees they are a big phenomenon that’s here to stay. No, widgets are not new. They’ve been around for a very long time in multiple technology implementations. Some prior examples are in Brad Feld’s … Continue reading

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Second Life Numbers: Mystery Revealed

Some of you have probably followed the debate in the blogosphere about virtual community usage and growth. Very recently, Clay Shirky and David Kirkpatrick had a somewhat tense exchange over the credibility of some Second Life numbers. David talked to CEO Philip Rosedale and … Continue reading

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Windows Live Writer Screencast

Jon Udell interviews JJ AllaireĀ andĀ Jack Ozzie about Windows Live Writer. It’s all captured in a nice screencast. If you see it, you’ll know why I enjoy blogging with WLW. The beta update fixed most of the issues that I had … Continue reading

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Windows Live Writer

After Onfolio was acquired by Microsoft, JJ Allaire (founder of Allaire) moved to Redmond and is now a GM on the Windows Live team working on all sorts of cool things, including Windows Live Writer. Today our team is shipping … Continue reading

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