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After Onfolio was acquired by Microsoft, JJ Allaire (founder of Allaire) moved to Redmond and is now a GM on the Windows Live team working on all sorts of cool things, including Windows Live Writer.

Today our team is shipping the beta version of Windows Live Writer.

I’m using the beta and I find it to be a better way to write posts. My screen is 1920×1200. I’ve yet to find a Web-based editor that can make meaningful use of it. It’s not that I’m not trying, BTW.

Wishlist for the next version (too late to mod this one):

  • Edit old posts
  • Create new categories w/o leaving the product.
  • One-click style selection (I have custom CSS styles defined in WordPress) that I’d like to be able to use w/o going to HTML.
  • Onfolio integration. I’m not sure exactly what this means but as an Onfolio addict I know I want it.

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