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Startups VCs are dying to invest in

VCs have a big problem. Many entrepreneurs just don’t want to solve big problems anymore. After hearing the fifth socially-responsible-Twitter-client-running-on-fuel-cell-powered-unlocked-iPhones pitch this week, it’s understandable how VCs want to take August off. So, in the interest of helping everyone, I’m … Continue reading

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Dogfooding vs. maintaining perspective

I’m all for dogfooding but not at the expense of deep competitive research. Sometimes you just have to live with your competitors’ products in order to understand them the way their customers do. I guess now that Bill Gates is … Continue reading

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Gates gets personal with Steve Jobs/Apple in a Newsweek article. I must agree on one thing with Bill–most PC users don’t look like John Hodgman and most Mac users don’t look like the cool kid in black. In fact, nearly … Continue reading

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