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Lessons From Allaire

I didn’t know that Macromedia (now Adobe) would release the video from ColdFusion’s 10th birthday party but here it is on Google Video. Several of the members of the founding team (JJ and Jeremy Allaire, Charles Teague, Adam Berrey and … Continue reading

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Bigger May Be Better for Secure Scripting

On the topic of security as a competitive advantage, a recent Evans Data survey of scripting environments puts ActionScript and Adobe Flex on top. ASP.NET AJAX (Atlas) is in second place. The open-source projects are, unsurprisingly, rated lower. It’s hard to get … Continue reading

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High-Class Problems

Courtesy of Mark Anderson comes a great quote from Adobe CEO Bruce Chizen: “Oh, I love Google. Google is a big threat for Microsoft and distracts it from the rest of us. [Google] is simultaneously our heat shield and an … Continue reading

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Technology of the Year

A Yahoo! exec friend of mine commented on a call today that Flash should be named “the technology of the year” because it enabled Internet video and let sites like YouTube and Heavy get big very fast. I had never … Continue reading

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ColdFusion: What’s in a Name?

ColdFusion customers have often asked what does ColdFusion mean. Explaining cold fusion was confusing and sharing the bizarre story of how the name actually came about would expose too much of Allaire’s early history–we were a bunch of kids just … Continue reading

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Adobe partners with Mozilla on Tamarin

Adobe announced a partnership with the Mozilla Foundation. Adobe contributed the code for the ActionScript 3.0 VM that powers Flash Player 9. Why is this noteworthy? Because the new VM is a speed demon and the folks at Mozilla working … Continue reading

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The Mobile Stack Evolves

MocoNews confirms what has been talked about for months now–that Voda is making a major shift in how it selects its devices. No more proprietary phone OSs developed by clueless ODMs who really don’t get SW. Voda’s future will be based … Continue reading

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Mix2r Launching

Duane Nickull, one of Adobe’s sharpest, is launching a Web 2.0 project tomorrow called Mix2r. Simply stated – it is open source  music.The music collaboration site is an online portal that orchestrates the workflow musicians and songwriters use to create and record … Continue reading

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MAXimum Burn

I haven’t posted in nearly two weeks because I’m still recovering from Adobe MAX 2006. Yes, it was in Vegas and, yes, the Macromedians (at least) know how to party till very early in the morning. Plus, two of my … Continue reading

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Headed to MAX

I’m heading to Macromedia/Adobe MAX 2006 in Las Vegas (with a short detour to SF to see some cool Web 2.0 startups). Damon Cooper told me there will be 500-600 Adobeans there. That should be fun. The announcement line-up is … Continue reading

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