Mix2r Launching

Duane Nickull, one of Adobe’s sharpest, is launching a Web 2.0 project tomorrow called Mix2r.

Simply stated – it is open source  music.
The music collaboration site is an online portal that orchestrates the workflow musicians and songwriters use to create and record songs. Rather than being stuck to collaborating with artists and musicians that you can locally interact with, it allows artists to collaborate remotely over the internet. Think of it as a series of really long wires between the control room of a studio and the rooms where the musicians record.  

I poked around the site today and found it very usable, though I’m not the best one to judge since my musical talents are limited to reading music. There is a tutorial which shows how to upload songs, so it’ll be easy for everyone to get started.

Duane has some very cool personal goals about how to use the site to raise money for charity but I’ll let him manage the messaging on that. 😉

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