The Ideal Mobile Software Stack

I’m a contributing blogger to the OpenGardens blog. My latest post there is The Ideal Mobile Software Stack where I’m advocating a layered Linux/Java/Flash|AJAX architecture for high end feature phones and smartphones. In terms of presentation, I’m slightly biased towards Flash Lite at this point.

While Ajit and I were working on this post, Ajit was developing his own thinking on mobile AJAX, culminating in another post today–The Long Tail and Mobile Web 2.0 Applications.

It seems like Ajit and I should write a joint post comparing Flash Lite and AJAX as presentation tiers for mobile.

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  1. Hey Simeon, “comparing Flash Lite and AJAX” would be an interesting post for sure! Would also be interesting to compare the stuff going on in the J2ME space. For the Ajax stuff I’d recommend taking a look at Alex Russell’s Mobile Ajax presentation, as it provides a good overview, here’s the url:

    Be very interesting to see where something like Apollo for mobile will go.

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  3. Interesting. But why did you take down your posting about the apparent design of Google’s mobile phone: a Blackberry-like device running C++ at the core with an operating system bootstrap and optimized Java and that it offer voice over Internet Protocol.”

    Did your source make you do it?

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