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The Web-Based Office++

Emergence is a strong, albeit sometimes unpredictable force. The past two weeks have been full of some interesting conversations/observations. Google bought JotSpot. I was reminded yet again that Google Calendar is a great product, Gmail is a strange one and … Continue reading

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DMCA and Mashups: The GoogTube & MySpace Perspective

Just got the latest Bambi Francisco NetSense email in my box. The topic is how will copyright holders treat GoogTube. After some discussion on strategies for getting the most money out of Google, the discussion moves to DMCA and then … Continue reading

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eBayMatchUps: Meg Whitman vs. Fruit Helmet Cat

Smart people inside eBay have been looking at ways to drive more traffic to the site and figure out what’s on the minds of people in their community. One of the cool ideas must have been to do eBayMatchUps. Apparently, … Continue reading

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Spam Comes to Ning

I got my first spam “friend” request on Ning. It was a standard affiliate scheme. The Ning app is populated with a ton of content. The programmability of a social infrastructure platform is a mixed blessing as it lowers the cost of doing … Continue reading

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The Third Place

Jason Fry has an insightful post on the role MMOGs and online communities can play in our lives. Your first place is your home. Your second place is your work. Then there’s the more-elusive third place — somewhere you feel … Continue reading

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Digg Labs

My econometics professor once told us “look hard enough and the data will eventually speak to you”. I guess this is what the guys at Digg are doing right now. Kevin Rose did a neat demo of Digg Labs. I … Continue reading

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Not Web 2.0, Bubble 2.0

Just like in the Bubble 1.0 days, the mainstream press is starting to question some of what’s happening online these days. If I recall correctly, how it proceeds from here is as follows: more questions combined with more interest, exuberance, irrational … Continue reading

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Geotagging is a feature

Flickr’s native geotagging integration has re-kindled the debate on whether one can create sticky community sites around geotagging. That’s the wrong question to ask. Geotagging is a feature. It hasn’t been hard to do technically for quite a while. Just … Continue reading

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Social Media Booms

Some interesting numbers on social media growth. Note two startups with >200% growth.  With Wikipedia (181% growth) scuttling close behind in 10th place, MySpace was topped in growth by ImageShack (233%), Heavy.com (213%), and Flickr (201%). Source: Checkbooks Ready: Social Media … Continue reading

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Cyworld vs. MySpace?

Good piece in Business 2.0 on Cyworld’s entry into the US market. It’ll be interesting to see how much the user experience and business model have to be adjusted for US tastes. When will buying virtual currency become cool? The … Continue reading

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