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My econometics professor once told us “look hard enough and the data will eventually speak to you”. I guess this is what the guys at Digg are doing right now. Kevin Rose did a neat demo of Digg Labs.

I like their experimentation. It fits with some of the recent thinking I’ve been doing on social commerce & mass personalized customization of user experiences for an “E-Commerce 2.0” article I’m writing for Web 2.0 Journal. Think Digg Labs stuff + Amazon affiliates + ThisNext.

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  1. + Crowdstorm.com – surely…

  2. Gordon Gould says:

    I would love to chat w/you about your views on data visualization and emergent data analysis. Looking forward to your article as well.

    Figuring out alpha products & consumers and how they impact market development is going to be key to enabling user-gen-friendly brand marketing campaigns.

    BTW, your link to Digg Labs appears to be malformed.

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