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Picking & Funding Winners

One can argue that the rules for picking winning startups have evolved over the last ten years. In Bubble 1.0, you could have used a dart against a Broadview market map. Bubble 2.0 is all about consumer online/mobile plays, which … Continue reading

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Ouch, that hurts

Jeff Nolan points out in Venture Chronicles that East Coast VCs just don’t get it when it comes to Web 2.0. Harsh words but then he asks “where are the Web 2.0 companies on the East Coast?” Is it case … Continue reading

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IE7 and WordPress

Matt Mullenweg and I talked briefly today about the problem of IE7 Beta 3 not working well with the authoring/preview features of WordPress. It seems to be something related to previews–the introduction of HTTP content into HTTPS admin sessions. Strangely, … Continue reading

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I just had to…

Well, I’ve had my fair share of aborted attempts to maintain a blog. In the past, part of my frustration had to do with the state of blogging tools. has fixed much of that (though I had a helluva … Continue reading

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