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I am doing another cloud computing event next week, this time moderating a panel at a MassNetComms event titled “Cloud Computing – Beyond the Hype – A Discussion on the Real Benefits and Issues.” There is a great speaker line-up:

  • John Considine, CTO, CloudSwitch
    Cloudswitch is about helping enterprises get into cloud computing on their own terms. This is a hot area of innovation. Even Amazon got in the game with their Virtual Private Clouds (VPCs).
  • David Skok, General Partner, Matrix Partners
    David invested in CloudSwitch and has spent a lot of time looking at various investment opportunities in cloud computing and related spaces, trying to separate hype from reality.
  • Omer Trajman, Senior Director for Cloud and Virtualization, Vertica Systems
    I’ve known Omer for many years. He is a sharp technologist, always aiming to tackle the next big problem. He is also not at a cloud computing company per se and will bring the valuable perspective of a vendor looking to the cloud for their own benefit and for the benefit of its customers.
  • Michael Werner, Senior Platform Strategy Advisor for Microsoft’s developer and cloud-services technologies, Microsoft
    Mike wins the award for the longest title of any panelist I’ve had the pleasure of working with over the years. Beyond that, he’s someone who’s deeply versed in technology distribution and adoption by developers and companies and will have an interesting perspective on when and how cloud computing will become broadly deployed.

I hope to see you there. Bring your enthusiasm, skepticism, ideas and questions.

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