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The four challenges of the robotics industry

Rodney Brooks, founder/CTO of iRobot and founder of Heartland Robotics lays down the four challenges keeping the robotics industry from going full mainstream. Make robots that have: The vision of the four-year-old child: can deal with shape abstractions, new textures, … Continue reading

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Interview with Google Ventures co-founder Rich Miner

Scott Kirsner interviews Rich Miner, co-founder of Android who recently switched from Google mobile to start Google Ventures with Bill Maris. (I’ve spent time with both Rich and Bill and I think they are doing many things right at Google … Continue reading

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Interview with Skype COO Scott Durchslag

Scott Kirsner is interviewing Skype COO Scott Durchslag (who’s in London today) over a free Skype videocall from a pre-civil war inn on Nantucket. (Not in Kansas, anymore, etc.) Skype adds 350K users/day at nearly zero marginal cost. ScottD sees … Continue reading

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Keeping your company motivated

Some notes from the CEO roundtable at the Nantucket Conference. Chris Zannetos, CEO, Courion The cuts they made last summer put the company in the bunker and made people lower their expectations. They stopped believing they could go above and … Continue reading

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