Interview with Skype COO Scott Durchslag

Scott Kirsner is interviewing Skype COO Scott Durchslag (who’s in London today) over a free Skype videocall from a pre-civil war inn on Nantucket. (Not in Kansas, anymore, etc.)

  • Skype adds 350K users/day at nearly zero marginal cost.
  • ScottD sees pre-loaded Skype SW as a key differentiator for mobile devices. In other words, consumers making mobile phone choices based on the SW as opposed to the HW. Hmm, sounds like wishful thinking. All the research I’ve read suggests that consumers pick baased on HW and not SW. iPhone and Blackberry aren’t exceptions to this rule–they are systems where the SW can’t be separated from the HW.
  • “It’s pretty hard to filter out Skype out using deep packet inspection”–in other words, no dice for dictators, China, Comcast + the rest.
  • Especially Skype-to-Skype, Skype is probably one of the most secure communication mechanisms available

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