The four challenges of the robotics industry

Rodney Brooks, founder/CTO of iRobot and founder of Heartland Robotics lays down the four challenges keeping the robotics industry from going full mainstream.

Make robots that have:

  • The vision of the four-year-old child: can deal with shape abstractions, new textures, etc.
  • The language abilities of four-year-old child: understand concepts, accents, etc.
  • The manual dexterity of a six-year-old child: complex manipulation operations
  • The social awareness of an eight-year-old child: theory of mind

Seems a ways off but that’s the type of lasting challenge an industry needs to rally around.

About Simeon Simeonov

I'm an entrepreneur, hacker, angel investor and reformed VC. I am currently Founder & CTO of Swoop, a health AI platform. Through FastIgnite I invest in and work with a few great startups to get more done with less. Learn more, follow @simeons on Twitter and connect with me on LinkedIn.
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